The challenge

Salquisa´s imagen of a solid Company was scattered among several products. This weakened its sales force, drove potential customers to competitors with a more specialized image.

The objective of the company was to maintain its solid image, but also to position itself as a company specialized in “frits”, “enamels” and “colors”. It had to be achieved quickly since most of the annual contracts were to be carried out soon.

What did we do?

We analyzed the potential customers, and we arrived at the conclusion that there were only about 200 executives who were responsible for the purchase decision. Therefore, we decided to focus on communicating to them.

We sent a direct mailing, in which the main message was transmitted in a clear and creative way, highlighting the competitive advantages of Salquisa.

To ensure that the mailing got attention and reached the correct recipient without getting stuck in the usual filters, the mailing was sent along with a popular business best-seller as a gift.

In case more than one mailing was made to the same company, we selected 5 different books so each executive would receive a different one.

The dust jacket of the books was the brochure with the main brand arguments.


The mailing and book had a great impact on its recipients. Surprisingly, the same day they received it, several called the company to thank the gift and to request a commercial visit.

The company achieved its sales goals – which two weeks before seemed impossible – and managed to reinforce its image as a specialized company in the tile sector.