The challenge

IVEFA is the Association of Valencian Family Businesses. From the beginning, many questioned the role it could play as well as its chances of long termsurvival.

However, the organization grew and strengthened, and became an important reference in the regional sphere. Along the way, they had to deal with one of the toughest international and local crises, and also with important changes in the political landscape.

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the organization rented the Oceanographic of Valencia. A unique space deeply linked to the sea.

This event was used to demonstrate the strength and importance of the association and its potential into the future. We had to conceptualize and decorate the whole event so that the great strength of the entity would be self explanatory to the attendees.

What did we do?

To conceptualize the event, we took advantage of the marine environment in which the event was going to be developed. We created a parallelism between the expertise and strength that the ship crew must have and the same qualities a company must develop to navigate to a good destination.

The event was called “20 years sailing tides with family businesses”.

From the reception to the event by its different access points, to the stage and the subsequent dinner, all was thematized with marine messages with a clear double sense of application to the IVEFA


On the front area of the stage we placed a corporeal logo of the organization. At the back, we left the wall open to the seabed and placed the logo we had design for the 20th anniversary and the main slogan of the event in cut-out magnetic letters over the glass.

Cubes of 1 and 1.5 meters dressed the stage with sailor motifs and words that reinforced the main values of the institution.

The results

The event demonstrated the great strength, drive and future of IVEFA, which was echoed by the regional press.

The president of the Generalitat, the highest autonomic leader attended the ceremony, as well as other authorities, businessmen and prominent members of the Valencian society.

The act fulfilled its purpose exceedingly as all the guests agreed.