The challenge

Viralgen is a world-leader gene therapy company which manufacturers of vira vectors, “good” viruses that help cure monogenic diseases that, so far, have no cure. The headquarter is in San Sebastian, in the Basque Country, and their products are distributed to research centers and biotech companies all around the world.

The announcement of its foundation created much expectation in the press and in the sector a year before the opening of their facilities.

Despite being among the best in terms of innovation, its initial brand image did not transmit its values neither the pioneering and avant-garde profile they should, to project to effectively communicate its great value proposition. The customer contracted us to position the branding at the level that would be consistent with the impact the technology will have in the market. We also had to have everything ready to launch the new brand at the opening of the new facilities. Our next task is to manage the Viralgen brand in partnership with the customer.

What did we do?

We developed a branding strategy that reflected the innovative character of Viralgen. It also allowed us to explain clearly what this historical disruption will represent for science and medicine.

Viralgen had to make this new concept understandable to all stakeholders, so in order to achieve that they had to structure all their communication differently.


We developed an aesthetically attractive web, aligned with the new image of the company, and conceptually simple so it would make it easier to understand the enormous complexity of the products and the services.

Corporate presentation and other supports

We designed the corporate presentation, the press dossier, and other materials adapted to the interests of their main targets: scientific, medical and investors organizations.

Flexible identity

We studied and designed a new corporate identity which synthesizes the essence of what the organization does, but to also fulfill a pedagogical function. We expressed it through a metaphorical treatment that in itself is innovative in the sector.

The symbol is composed by a sequence of crosses in line – they are the symbol of addition and positive – that represents the genetic chain. In each one, the “good” virus carrying the correct gene contributed by Viralgen, responsible of the healing it is highlighted by a circle.

It is a flexible and dynamic symbol since it represents the different genetic variation of each patient, this way the symbol can be longer or shorter and can be located at different spaces without losing its identity.

We assigned a combination of colors that awaken confidence and innovation at the same time.

Symbol of the genetic sequence with the “healing virus” of Viralgen:

Corporate video

We made the corporate video from interventions by key executives of the company, since it is the company main trust capital. Both the CEO and the scientists responsible of the different areas, as well as the investors explained through a simple thread what the company does and its enormous importance for the society.

Inauguration of the facilities

We organized and created the setting for the inauguration event of the facilities, which counted with the presence of the highest authorities of the Basque Country, international scientists and the press.

We also labeled the integration of the new image in the facilities.

The results

Viralgen´s branding is powerful, coherent and innovative, and has managed to project the image of an avant-garde scientific organization like few others in the world.

The communication impacted was valued on a six digit number value to Viralgen due to the impact of the event.

The value of the company has increased for the investors.

The “pride of belonging” of the human team – which was already already very high – has increased even more. This is especially relevant since the retention and acquisition of scientific talent is crucial for the company.

Collateral value: some first-class US organizations have requested our branding and communication services. 😉